Letter to TNMOA

Dear sir,

I know you are busy with your schedule.

It is our firm opinion that the issue of service quota is a development subsequent to neet ug ,pg andmci regulations.

The case by Dr.RAJESH Wilson has brought the weakness in the legislative framework for the protection of service quota to the fore.

This in our opinion can either be done by the centre or the mci.

In the alternative the state can promulgate an ordinance that will also require president’s assent.

In a nutshell what is to be understood is the role of central govt.

Or if we are lucky we may get a favourable verdict in the high court.

The permanent solution can only be a solution involving the centre.

In nature this is a bigger issue than the pb4 issue which is entirely within the state govt.

Therefore SDPGA request you to join with us for jac.

With regards
President SDPGA