Message from President (Feb 2016)


Dear friends,

Greetings to you.

The dharna held by us on 19.2.16 has demonstrated beyond doubt the relevance of our demands and also the capability of sdpga to represent and fight for genuine demands.

We have seen for ourselves the immense response and support that our demands enjoy among our govt doctors. The wide publicity by the press and their nuanced understanding of the issues raised by us have helped us to place all our demands in the public domain.

We have established unambiguously the wide disparity that exists between us and central government doctor though we enter in service as equals.

It was we believe that it is for the first time the health secretary is presented with these facts.obviously whose failure and callousness it is everyone knows.

The first and foremost of our demands is to scrap the cps and reinstate the old pension scheme.

This is a resolution that we adopted in our earlier second ec held at Salem.

Since it is a common demand of every govt servant we decided it appropriate to act in synchrony with the other govt servants.

Definitely this has given us the necessary result.we thank our honourable chief minister for the announcement of a committee.

The announcement has opened for us a door of opportunity for the revival of old pension scheme. It has also put to rest the argument that it is not under the state’s purview.

By demanding the 2 year child care leave we are the first in the state to place this demand in the public domain. It is a demand that has the wholehearted support of every doctor. We have impressed upon the government the need for such a leave to the health secretary taking in to consideration our essentiality and the need to provide such facility to retain our lady doctors by giving a work life balance.

Corpus fund,mrb regularisation, exams for 10 a(1) doctors have been adequately impressed upon to the govt. We also learnt that stipend issue for the private college pgs may get the govts nod hopefully at the earliest
Sdpga is going ahead with the signature campaign for the above demands.

Sdpga will complete it successfully and then plan our next phase of action.

Thanking every govt doctor once again.

With regards,
Dr.N.lakshmi narasimhan
President SDPGA
On behalf of EC SDPGA