Oneday Token Fast to Restore Service Quota

Today (19.4.17) State EC conducted the one day token fast from 9 am to 4 pm with nearly one hundred members demanding the govt.

  1. To protect the rights of in service candidates during PG admission process
  2. Central pay and allowances for state govt drs
  3. To restore old pension scheme
  4. To create corpus fund
  5. To sanction child care leave

After this the memorandum of our demands was submitted to the Chief Secretary office.

SDPGA was invited to take part in today’s TNMOA agitation at DMS complex. We expressed our willingness in Tnmoa meet for joint representation and joint action committee along with TNGDA and TNMOA.

A formal announcement is yet to take place with respect to maintain status quo in the issue of 50% service quota.

State EC meet resolved the following agitations to insist the above demands.

  1. Token OP boycott tomorrow(20.4.17) from 7.30 to 9.30am
  2. Total OP boycott on Friday (21.4.17) with demonstration in all institutions/hospitals
  3. Total boycott except emergencies on Saturday (22.4.17)

Pending commitment from Tnmoa and tngda, SDPGA has announced our plan of action with GADA/DASE.

Further course of action will be decided on Saturday evening.

All the govt doctors to join the protest to restore out rights.