Presidents message on 16/03/2016

Dear doctors

This is a open appeal to all concerned
Sdpga is an association for by and of govt doctor’s
Though some self serving people so called leaders either deceive themselves or want to deceive the innocent member by calling us as a splinteršŸ˜ƒgroup no body can deny the fact that sdpga is morally and numerically the leading voice of govt doctor’s.we have by our vision, clarity of intention and purpose,integrity and hard work and our experience charted out our mission statement and goals.

We have crystallised it in concrete demands. Having taken the lead position we in general interest without the smallest tinge of selfishness or arrogance appeal to all concerned fraternal association like senior civil surgeon association,tnmoa and superspeciality formation to spell out and come clear on the issue of

Pay parity
Child care leave
And corpus fund

Sdpga has formulated the justification for the above demands.we appeal to the leaders of these bodies should understand the logic and the urgency of the matter spell out their stand and actively work towards achieving a common goal
We are open minded in our approach

This appeal holds good for tngda also.
Dear friends of fraternal association
Time and tide wait for none
I appeal to you to see reason

With regards
Dr.N.lakshmi narasimhan
President, sdpga