Presidents Message

Sdpga doesn’t see any body as rivals.
Sdpga understands the fact that our govt service has doctors belonging to
(1) phc medical officers
(2) bmos
(3) mobile medical officers
(4) rbssk mos
(5) MBBS doctors in dms side
(6) specialist in dms side
(7)cemonc doctors in phc side
(8) cemonc doctors in dms side
(9) cemonc doctors in DME side
(10) diploma holders
(11) degree holders
(12) specialist in DME side who do 24 hours duty
(13) specialist in DME side who are only on call
(14) non clinical specialist
(15) non clinical specialist with practice potential like pathology microbiology, clinical pathology
(16) non clinical specialist with no practice potential eg forensic medicine
(17) specialist who had the opportunity to enter into medical college immediately after pg
(18) specialist who toiled in phc and dms side waiting for a chance to enter medical college owing to vagaries in policy of govt
(19) doctors who were directly recruited after pg through tnpsc
(20) doctors who are 10 (a1) recruits
(21) doctors who are pgs and working in bond period
(22) ogcian and anaesthetist who are on 24 hours duty every third day
(23) chiefs
(24) asst professors
(26) superspeciality doctors
(27) super speciality medical side
(28) superspeciality surgical side
(29) super speciality with emergency workload like neurosurgeon

Like this you can go on counting and categorising.

Sdpga endeavours to find the commonality among these diverse categories of doctors.

The one commonality that can bring together every body is that nearly 95 to 97% of doctors were only MBBS graduates when they were recruited.

The second unifying factor is we are given the same pay structure and service rules and regulations.

Third we all work sincerely and in a dedicated way for the people of this state.
We want to weld together everybody on the commonness rather than splitting doctors on the basis of the smallest possible differences.

Since it’s birth sdpga is striving to unite everybody under a common cause.

That being
(1) a pay structure commensurate with our strategic need,work hours, work nature,work risk and qualifications.

(2)old pension scheme

(3) fair transparent promotion and transfer counselling

(4)child care leave

(5) corpus fund

(6) to safeguard the dignity of doctors

In pursuit of these goals, we have worked relentlessly and of course selflessly in the last one year against
all odds and despite certain vested interest.

There was a time when there was no accountability in the only monopoly association.

Having fought within that association and all our might it was the leadership of sdpga which took the risk and set the platform for a alternative meaningful journey for the govt doctor’s of tamilnadu.

Our point was not to fragment things instead it was to find common ground and move forward.

Every body knows that decades have been lost in pay issue by a purely selfish leadership leadership of tngda.

Only sdpga belled the car. and the former association has lost its primacy and its relevance. Relying on their long existence the vested interest group is very keen to spoil the onward journey of govt doctors, and later want to put the blame on others.

Sdpga is trying to build bridges with tnmoa, senior civil surgeon association or any other formation.

In fact we appeal to all concerned to come into the fold of sdpga.

Envisaging such a scenario sdpga has made provision for three state level secretaries one each for DME,dms,and dph side.

Having the experience of nearly 25 years, it is with hope and anxiety that I look at each development including the superspecialist group.

We fear that this should not give strength for the vested interest group nor the handle for them to play spoilsports at which they are experts.

Let us all understand the commonness of purpose unite to achieve what is due for us,our family and our children.This due is ours. because we have toiled all through our life.

SDPGA wants to ensure that it happens
With regards

Dr.N.lakshmi narasimhan