SDPGA Second Anniversary Day

Dear all,

Today March 24th 2017 is our second anniversary day.

Till 2015 every dr was in grief by one way or other. Many problems were not solved and got more complicated.

On march 24th 2015 SDPGA was formed to save the govt drs from the undemocratic, autocratic, corrupt, callous and reckless group which failed to address the grievances of the members.

Their only objective even till date is to safeguard themselves.

Its worth mentioning that the following benefits which had been very long due started to reach the govt drs after our inception from 2015:

  • G.O 301: Retrospective benefits of G.O 354 from 2009 in all directorates.
  • Professor Refitment for 110 senior doctors.
  • Transparent Transfer and promotion counsellings for Associate Professors.
  • Transfer and promotion for CCS on DMS side.
  • Relocating 94 posts from DMS to DME side to accommodate the superspecialists with teaching experience.
  • On duty for examinership in other universities.
  • Special casual leave for presenting papers in conferences.
  • Proper Service PGs counselling.
  • Salary stipend for service PGs in private colleges.
  • Paper presentations in international journals instead of dissertation for super speciality PGs.
  • Transfer counselling for DPH drs and represented for arising vacancies

That’s not simply coincidence but materialised because of dedicated and sustained representations to the govt.

We the SDPGA warriors have proved on so many occasions to safeguard the rights of the govt drs.

No doubt. We are achievers.

SDPGA is determined to accomplish its core objectives such as

  • Transparent promotions and transfers
  • Central pay structure
  • Child care leave
  • Old pension scheme
  • Corpus fund

We appeal to you to fall in line behind us for the gallant show. Be part of the winning team

Service Doctors and Post Graduates Association