State SDPGA Message

Today state cabinet attended the meeting convened by the Health Secretary to represent our views on various issues in the presence of DME, DMS, ADPH, Deputy Secretary, Under Secretary and other officials.

SDPGA presented our views on pay and allowances to the govt by PowerPoint. We insisted on central pay structure as the minimum guaranteed for all the directorates and on top of it allowances of rural, teaching and specialty. Our two tabulations illustration was well appreciated by HS.

We reiterated the fact that G.O 354 could be amended to reach the central pay structure of 4,9,13,20 with pb4@13. We have strongly insisted that the modifications should be done well before the extrapolation of the pay commission committee. Govt has assured to do that. HS appreciated our homework.

Our next core demand of creating Corpus fund from our own pocket to provide solatium to the affected family is very well accepted.

Govt accepted to talk to P& AR department regarding about our SDPGA demand of child care leave.

The resolutions adopted during our GBM were also presented to the govt and insisted the following:

  1. Security of the health professionals to be given topmost priority.
  2. Job functions to be defined before implementing Biometric attendance. Govt is ready to go for appeal against the High Court order and SDPGA will implead in that case.
  3. To conduct the transfer counselling according to CML seniority in DME and DMS side.
  4. To revert all the out of transfer counselling orders.
  5. To speed up the CML update at the earliest. One attention seeking dharna is planned for this at DMS complex.
  6. No direct recruitment on DME side. Only movement through transfer counselling based on CML seniority.
  7. To rectify the audit objection at Madurai and to stop the SAP audit recovery.
  8. Additional Dental colleges to be set up. We are informed that one new dental college will be set up in southern district.

We thank the Govt. Of Tamil Nadu for giving us the opportunity to address the grievances of the govt doctors.